transport management system

  • Route planning
  • GPS control
  • 3PL
  • Order management
  • Self-service


If a tool is needed for the decision-making in the particular area, then we either adapt or create an applied information system. The subscription to the applied information system (SaaS — „Software as a Service“) is also possible: using the product installed on our server.

Currently, we offer two products, created by our company:

Transport management system Metrika (Metric)

This is the applied information system of transport routes planning and operative management. Its full name is „Optimizavimo Metrika“, but we call it just Metrika.

With using the experience of our specialists, summarizing the usage practics of such systems, applying the „cloud computing“ model, we have created the very advanced and efficient solution, which covers:

– Input and management of logistic orders of multiple customers (3PL – 3rd party logistic), specialised pricing of logistic services, and issuing of invoices.

– Planning of transportation trips and routes, combining distribution and direct delivery, cross-dock management, and estimate of route costs.

– Bi-directional connection of dispatcher and driver, control of route execution and load management, using the mobile equipment with GPS locators and cellular data link.

Currently, Metrika consists of several related modules:

  • Routing module — functions for transport managers: manual and automatic geocoding of locations, cross-dock planning, manual routes planning, automatical routes planning and route optimisation, restrictions of transport planning, estimate of route costs, reports of transportation and of profit estimate.
  • Mobile module — functions for drivers, implemented in a mobile terminal (handheld): GPS tracking of vehicle, registration of deliveries execution.
  • Orders management module — functions for salespeople: input of orders, printing of load labels, pricelists and calculation of prices, tracking of order status, issuing of advance invoices and VAT invoices, registration of customers debts and payments, turnover reports.
  • Customers self-service site — the website of limited orders management, dedicated to 3PL customers: input of orders, tracking of order status, printing of load labels, review of invoices and payments.
  • The load receipt&issue at warehouse module is under creation. It would function both standalone and as an interface with the customer’s warehouse management system.
  • The creation of minimal utility operations module is planned, dedicated to customers not using an ERP system for that purpose. That will be not an accounting program, but the registration of operations with equipment and staff.

Metrika is implemented using the technics, which allows installing it both on customer’s LAN and internet.

For an installation of Metrika, customer has not to purchase any additional software, except the digital map data.

Metrika is independent from the map data of any particular provider, and, if the customer has the map data already, then Metrika can be installed using the customer’s map. But if the customer is not going to aquire the standalone map data, we provide (only together with Metrika) the map data of Tele Atlas. Our company is the distributor of Tele Atlas map data, and it has the right to issue an according licence.

Sales schedule program Delivery Balance

This is the program of mathematical simulation, which creates the work schedules (of customer visits / ordering) for sales people.

We having the goals to balance both the salespeople workload and the logistic workload (of orders execution).

Delivery Balance takes into account:

  • Sales regions and sales channels
  • Number of salesforce in each region and channel
  • Statistical amount (amount and weight) of orders on each customers location
  • Places (geographical situation) of customers’ locations
  • Places of sales offices

The program is implemented as an add-on to customer’s ERP system, warehouse management system or transport management system: any of those programs may serve as a data source.


We offer our services for solving the particular problems (and we create the tools for the regular decision-making) in those and related business areas:

– Optimisation of transportation routes: distribution and pickup-delivery, operative (daily orders) and tactical (constant routes).

– Vehicles tracking and registration of routes execution.

– Common work of dispatchers and drivers, management of trip tasks.

– Optimisation of loading&unloading schedule of warehouse docks.

– Optimisation of salespeople work tasks and routes, harmonizing the goals of sales and logistics.

– Geographic allocation of warehouses and cross-dock terminals.

– Optimisation of vehicle fleet.

– Management of vehicle fleet.

– Creation and optimisation of schedules of various types.

– Various mathematical optimisation tasks, especially in logistic, trade and production areas.

– Various tasks in geographical information systems (GIS) area.

– Charter development projects of specialised information systems.


Welcome to our website. We hope, the information provided here will encourage you contact us and discuss, how we can be useful for each other.

Our company specializes in the creation of mathematical optimisation solutions. In all areas, where the abundance and variety of possible solutions tease for creation of mind templates, probably sacrificing the best variants, we help human mind not to give up and find the most efficient way.

Our small but very professional team consists of mathematicians and specialists of information technologies. The strong theoretical background and the many years experience with logistics, trade and mobile services are the base of our solutions. And the respect to customer, understanding of his needs and flexibility are the main methods of our work.

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